New to Providence & Having a Blast!


By: Judy Rosenberg

As a new member of Temple Emanu-El, I can honestly say that I am having a blast here!

It all started a few days after my move from West Hartford, Connecticut.  Laura Nevel, a Temple member and friend of mine, invited me to join her for a special Hava Nagila event and dance party at the Temple.  I met so many wonderful people, the food was delicious, and the spirit of those who joined in Israeli folk dancing was unbelievable!

I knew that there had to be a nice Jewish community wherever I was moving.  After dancing the night away at the Hava Nagila party, I decided that I did not need any prodding to become a member.  Everybody I have been interacting with is so incredibly warm and welcoming!

The temple I belonged to in West Hartford was also called Emanuel (just spelled differently), so it is been hard not to compare it.  Here, at Temple Emanu-El, the main sanctuary is beautifully designed  so you do not feel overwhelmed.   I love the participative spirit of the congregation, and the lively discussions have a very natural feel.  I prefer the even simplicity of Temple Emanu-El Kiddushes, where the food takes a backseat to wonderful conversations and rejoicing in the true spirit of Shabbat.

In the first month of becoming a Temple Emanu-El member, I joined Rabbi Kaunfer’s fabulous Hebrew study group.  It’s a great learning group and I really enjoy deciphering the texts that are brought to each lesson.

The clergy and staff here at Temple Emanu-El are very kind, welcoming, and helpful.  I am so happy that I was able to quickly find a nice, active community like Temple Emanu-El.