My Heart is Filled with Joy


By: Dayna Gladstein

Recently I made one of the best decisions in my life- I joined Temple Emanu-El!  I have been welcomed with such enthusiasm and interest that I know I have found my home.

Due to a devastating and protracted illness, my husband and I quietly slipped into isolation from life.  You don’t want to burden anyone with your problems.  People don’t know how bad it is and maybe that is the way it’s supposed to be.  You become completely absorbed with tests and medications and the expense of it, and then there’s the loss of connections and career and purpose and all of a sudden you are no longer a contributor.  You can offer no contribution to the world except to pray.  You quietly slip into the background and become isolated by what you need to do to survive.  I was very lucky to have recovered after many, many attempts to find help.  It was a long and painful road but it lead me to Temple Emanu-El and for that my heart is filled with joy.  My husband and I feel blessed to be part of such a special community of caring families and friends.  I feel like we will never have to be alone again and we have been inspired to make it our business to be there for others in need.  Life is truly a journey filled with a lot of challenges.  But with each of life’s challenges there is an opportunity.  I am thankful for the journey that lead me to my spiritual home.  I am thankful for the wonderful people that we have met and that I am able to contribute to the mission of a helping spiritual community.  Thank you for welcoming us and making such a special place.